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We are a Independent Casting Director and Talent Agent

So what ever you are needing we are here to help you.
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Our Services

A project does not become a masterpiece without the people behind the scenes from the writers to the camera technician and everyone in between. This is not only for the Film and TV industry, but we also work with the whole of the Entertainment Industry.

We work with Musicians from Singers to Drummers and everyone in-between. If you are looking for a new band member or are looking for a band to score your music for your production we are able to help.

Actor and Actresses within the Film, TV and Theatre Industries, we work with a wide range of ages and nationalities and a wide range of experiences from people starting out to seasoned professionals.

Event Staffing, If you are needing staff to help with your craft services on your Film or TV sets or if you need to host an event our Event Staffing Agency which is attached to our Talent Agency can help with any kind of event you require.