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Lion Blue Casting is a Independent Casting Director and a Talent Agency.

Our aim is to be a source for independent artists in the entertainment industry.

Our Talent Agency has a vision to connect independent artists in the entertainment industry with producers, casting directors and assistants for big-budget productions and independent Films and TV.

Lion Blue Casting lead by Trish McMillan is also a Independent Casting Director, working with Lion Blue Studio as its in-house casting director and working for independent Filmmakers, Producers as a casting director, with the scope to work with the whole industry as an independent Casting Director. 

If you have a project or are looking for representation, please get in touch via our service page. We are ready to help.

As part of the UK and Northern Ireland employment rules, all candidates will undergo a work and background check before being signed to our agency.

On top of our Talent Agency we are forming a Virtual Assistant pool. We know how difficalt to work on your own and start your own company. 

So we are providing people to help you for as liitle all a lot of time. More like a part time temp. 

But this is more efficiant as we move into the new normal everyone talks about, we are here to give you a helping hand.

Check all about Lion Blue Castiing Virtual Assistants and see how we can help in a different way.


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Trish McMillan

Casting Director and Talent Agent

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''We are wanting to hear your feedback'' - Trish McMillan

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''We are all ways here to listen'' - Trish McMillan